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    TK950 Soldering Station

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    Sales price: $129.99
    Sales price: $129.99
    SKU: TKPR0950
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    This is the TK950 Soldering Station from TrakPower.               
    FEATURES: Heavy-duty 60 watt design for years of reliable performance         
              Heats quickly to selected temperature within a range of 392°-896°F  
                and holds setting within 1.8°F when idle                          
              Slender insulated handle for comfortable grip                       
              5-year warranty on base unit and one year warranty on iron handle,  
                USA and Canada only                                               
    INCLUDES: Soldering iron with stand, sponge, temperature control unit, chisel 
                point tip, pencil tip, instruction manual and decals              
    REQUIRES: Solder, TKPR0975                                                    
    SPECS:    Power: 60W                                                          
              Temperature Range: 392°- 896°F (200° - 480°C)                       
              Weight: 2.9lb (1315g)                                               
              ESD safe per Hobby Services                              

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