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    75AX ABL

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    Sales price: $359.99
    Sales price: $359.99
    SKU: OSMG0575
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    • Fits the same mount and bolt pattern as the 61FX.

    • The angular head design looks great and significantly increases surface area for better cooling.

    • Includes the new "Power Box" muffler, designed with more volume for increased power while still being very compact.

    • A diagonally-placed needle means no remote needle valve is needed

    Displacement: 0.75 cu in (12.3 cc)
    Bore: 1.02 in (25.8 mm)
    Stroke: 0.93 in (23.5 mm)
    Practical rpm: 2,000-16,000
    Output: 2.4 hp @ 15,000 rpm
    Weight: 19.4 oz (550 g)
    Includes: glow plug, E-3010 muffler
    Recommended Props: 14x6, 14x8, 15x7

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